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Cornell Pochily Investment Advisors is a leader in our community in offering personal financial and investment planning to individuals of all ages. 

We believe the best investment management is built to fit each client’s individual situation. We design personalized portfolios ranging from aggressive to conservative and all risk tolerances in between.

We emphasize open communication and trust with our clients.  We believe creating long term relationships enables us to better understand each client's needs.

As you go through various life stages, your goals and objectives may change.  Our dynamic and personalized approach allows us to modify your investments to suit your changing needs.


Among other investments, we use carefully selected ETFs, Mutual Funds, Stocks and Bonds.  We construct a portfolio utilizing diversification and appropriate asset allocation.

We regularly monitor client portfolios and adjust portfolios as conditions and your circumstances  warrant. Although we think in terms of outperforming appropriate indexes, we try to do so while protecting client assets and while working within each client's risk tolerance.


It is never too late or too early to start a financial plan.  At Cornell Pochily Investment Advisors, one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals can help you create a guide to your financial future. 

After analyzing all the data, we make recommendations and create a roadmap to help every client achieve their financial goals.  We will work to help the client implement recommendations and then monitor the plan as goals and circumstances change.

Financial Planning is a holistic approach to financial advice that takes into account many areas of a person's financial life. This could include portfolio analysis, education funding, retirement planning, insurance needs, or an estate planning review.

People often wonder "Am I saving enough for retirement" or "Do I have enough money to last through retirement"?  We can provide a financial analysis to help you answer these questions. 

The planning process begins with meeting clients to ensure a mutual understanding of the client-planner relationship.  We work together with the client to gather information in order to best identify and prioritize their goals and objectives. 

Whether you need a full comprehensive financial plan or need to focus on a specific financial goal, the advisors at CPIA can guide you through the planning process.


We help business owners and institutions establish, maintain, support and service employer sponsored retirement plans.

We work with you to determine what type of retirement plan is right for your business and employees, including but not limited to, 401(k)s, SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, and more.

Our advisors can assist you in selecting and maintaining investment choices available to employees, and in some cases provide professional investment management. 

We can provide education to you and your employees on the benefits of participating in a retirement plan as well as on the specific investments available in the plan.

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