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What are your financial goals?

What is your time horizon?

How do you tolerate risk?

How can we help you?

How familiar are you with investing?

What is your current financial picture?

We make it a priority to sit with you and gather a clear picture of your current financial situation and your future financial goals.   We will work with you to gain an understanding of how we can best help you achieve your vision of financial success.  We emphasize forming relationships with our clients that foster open communication, longevity and trust.

What investment vehicles are appropriate? 

Are there other assets to consider?


What asset allocation best suits you?

How can we create diversification?

We create individualized portfolios suited to your particular circumstances.  We use up-to-to-date market research coupled with our team’s years of experience to create a portfolio of suitable investments with an asset allocation appropriate for client objectives.  

Have your cash needs or long

term goals changed?

Are you nearing retirement?

Do we need to be more or less aggressive to achieve your goals?

How has your account performed?

Once a portfolio has been established, it is routinely monitored.  Our individualized portfolios allow us to adjust for changing risk tolerances and fluctuations in the market.  We also understand client needs and goals change over time and your portfolios can evolve with you.


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